My Ducks..oh and those Beavers..

Unless you were hiding under a rock last year, or could care less about college football, you would remember that MY school, University of Oregon, was number ONE for most of the 2010 season. Yeah, us Ducks pretty much rule. College Gameday on ESPN covered the Ducks at three different games. One being the biggest game in Oregon, Civil war. Oh yeah, there is another kinda good team in Oregon called the Beavers. I guess to some people in Oregon they are a big deal too and it has become quite the rivalry here and in my own relationship. That's right... My name is Jenna Need and I am dating a Duck hating Beaver fan. What better way to celebrate this house dividing football game but wake up at 4 in the morning and head to Oregon State University to see them film College game day. It was quite a scene!! Half Ducks, Half Beavs, two marching bands and lots of name calling. Not to mention my parents saw us on TV!! I had made Steve a shirt (because I am an awesome girlfriend) based on the name of the quarterback but also kind of a crude joke, that made many people stop and say OMG I LOVE your shirt!! We hung out in Corvallis until the game and watched it in a sports bar.
Oh and if you were wondering, The Ducks won...Duh.

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