Happy Easter!

I love traditions. I don't care if people think I am like a kid for wanting to do fun holiday traditions and one of my favorites is dyeing Easter eggs. Steve and I had started hanging out with his best friend Jake and his fun girlfriend Nicole and we decided to have a little egg dying night. It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and acting like little kids even if we did have to force the boys a little bit. :)

Monster trucks!!!

Steve surprised me with tickets to see the Monster Jam 2011 on March 27th, at the new and amazing Matthew Knight Arena where the Ducks basketball team plays. I had never gone to see the monster trucks in real life before and it was very cool and very loud. I was excited because the Grave Digger was there and I had seen that truck on TV a lot while watching it with my daddy. They also had the megasaurous which ate a whole car and spit fire. It was fun and I was 5 again :). Steve said it was a much smaller scale than the usual monster truck jams but I still loved it!!


Reagan Rules..

So to top off our amazing but extremely quick down to California we decided to go to the Reagan Museum. We love Reagan, and it was really cool to see all of history. One of my favorite parts was this amazing model of the White House. It was a GIANT doll house and you could see inside and the detail was just insane. We did not get to spend much time in the doll house exhibit because we had to catch our plane and sadly I won't get to see it again because it was a traveling exhibit. Another part I really enjoyed was Air Force One. My mom and I went to the Reagan Museum on a field trip when I was in 4th grade but they did not have this exhibit then. You actually get to walk on to the plane (no photos allowed) and see where not only Reagan, but many other presidents did their flying. It was so fun getting to hang out with my parents and Steve and doing something fun like going to museums. By the end I started to hold in tears because I knew our fun trip was coming to an end. I wish more than anything that we all lived in the same place. As for the Reagan library, I give it two thumbs up! I would go back again any day.

The view from the library..So pretty!!

On our flight..

Rocks and Dinasours

One of the days during our short vacation in California I wanted to show Steve some of the places I grew up around. My parents and I took him for breakfast at the Halfway house which is where many movies and TV shows have been filmed up Soledad Canyon. While we were out that direction, we thought it would be fun to head over to Vasquez rocks. It was a beautiful day after all the rain went away. There was snow on the mountains in the background and the red rocks against the blue sky was so pretty! We hiked around and played on the rocks and played with dad's amazing camera. It was really fun.

Love my mommy!!

Later we decided to head to the land of weird and find something to do in Hollywood. We tried going to the planetarium but holy moly there were millions of people there!!! So we racked our brains and decided to go to the La Brea Tar Pits. I hadn't been there since my daddy took me there when I was a little girl. It was such fun outing with all my favorite people. It is fun to actually be a tourist in California instead of living there!


Mr. and Mrs. Chavez

My good friend Melissa got married in February to a very nice guy named Joe Chavez. She got married at Calamigos Ranch in Southern California so I got to go on a mini vacation to California. Steve got to come with me so we turned it into a fun little trip of SoCal sightseeing. Mel's wedding was on Friday so we got in to LA on Thursday night. Steve and I decided to rent a Ford Edge AKA my dream car and we headed down to Calabasas in the pouring rain. I felt so bad for Mel because her wedding was suppose to be an outdoor wedding but it was still very beautiful!! I was so happy for Melissa and Joe and so glad I got to fly down and share her special day with them. ♥


Cuddle time

Love our babies, they are the best little cuddle bugs!!

Valentine's Day ♥

Steve spoils me. Period. I tell him not too but he just won't stop, and I love it :). I love him. For Valentines day he hooked diamond earrings (my first diamonds ever) to Rodeo's collar and had him jump up on the bed to deliver them to me. I was so shocked he let him on the bed, I didn't notice the box hanging from him at first. I am so blessed God put Steve in my life, no one has ever fit so well. He is Romantic and charming and just the best!! Anyways, just had to brag for a few seconds! It was an amazing day to celebrate our love ♥ .