First snow..

Besides one time in 1989, being from Southern California, I never got snow days growing up. I never got to sit by the window, drink hot chocolate and watch the snow flakes fall outside the window. I never had to learn how to drive in the snow and I had to go at least a half hour up the grape vine to go sledding and throw snowballs. Most people would love the 70 degree weather in January but I always wanted the snowy wintery days on the movies.
OK OK so it's not like the movies exactly. Driving in the snow is just plain frightening so I just stay home for the most part, and it only snows a little bit where I live but I must say... I STILL LOVE IT!! It's beautiful, cozy, and relaxing. The best part is I still get school days since I am still (yes, still) in school!!
Here are some fun pictures of our first snow in Eugene/Junction City. Harlie the cat loves watching the snow fall and we caught a really cool picture of me throwing a snowball at steve while he had his iphone. Can't wait for next winter!

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