Southern Oregon

This is one of my favorite trips Steve and I have gone on. It was right before my birthday and my friend Delaine had just had her second little girl Brynn, so what better excuse for a mini vacation?! Delaine is a friend from California who moved back to her hometown (Medford area) around the same time I moved to Eugene. Visiting her gives me a sense of going home so I really look forward to the times I can venture 2 !/2 hours south. Plus I absolutely ADORE her babies. It was really fun introducing Steve to Dan (Delaine's hubby) and watching them get to know eachother over a football game. I decided to make a super batch of Chili for dinner that night so that there were LOTS of left overs for Laine to freeze for those super stressful days of being a new mommy of two, so I stole my mama's amazing chili recipe and cooked up a storm. It was really great seeing them, visiting with my favorite little girl Reagan and meeting the adorable Baby Brynn. :)

After visiting with the Weaver family, full from delicious chili and cornbread and happy that the Ducks beat the Bears (well I was, not Steve) we headed to Grant's Pass to our hotel and decided to go for a late night swim in the hotel's pool. The next day we set out to Applegate Valley so I could show Steve the dairy that my parents used to live on. Of course I could not find it but we did end up at this amazing covered bridges. Now if you know me, you know I love bridges, so naturally we had to get out and explore and it was absolutely beautiful. It was built in 1917! Applegate Valley is literally God's country and I love it there. The ranches and cows among the green grassy hills with rivers and streams cutting through all set up against mountains... Gorgeous!!! I could have spent all day there, but Steve had an even better idea!

Steve's idea was that we go to Crater Lake!!! I had never been to Crater Lake before and even better... there was rumors that is was covered in SNOW!!! I love snow more than bridges!! So after we ventured through Applegate Valley we booked it up through the windy roads that lead up to Crater Lake. As we were driving up it was so foggy and we were afraid that we would not be able to see anything. As we got closer and closer, it got clearer and clearer and then we were there and the clouds perfectly circled the lake so we could see it perfectly!! We got out of the car and was instantly got smacked in the face with the coldest wind ever! But that didn't stopped us, we got out and played in the snow with Steve's dog Rodeo and took pictures of the AMAZING view of the Lake. Best mini vacation ever!!!

I'm a slacker...

Wow! Where the heck have I been? I have some major updating to do! Steve and I have had quite a few fun adventures in the last 4 months. I better get started...
Stay Tuned :)