Dinner for Two...

I love getting to cook for someone else and I am constantly trying to better my cooking skills. My mother was an amazing cook so I never needed to learn how to cook gourmet, just quesadillas and grilled cheeses on the nights my mother couldn't cook. I have mastered those two items by the way.
Anyways, my favorite is when Steve helps me and it becomes something we make together. I just think it is so much fun. My favorite was a pizza we made quite a while ago. Talk about gourmet!! Grilled chicken, pepperoni, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, tomatoes, olives, fresh mozerella, olive oil and pizza sauce... cooked perfectly!! Paired with some great wine and wah lah! You have yourself an amazing meal and a great time making it. Love these great nights with my hunny :)

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