Being away from home during the holiday season is the hardest, but luckily I have not had to miss any Christmas's. Mom flew up to Eugene and hung out with me for a couple days which I absolutely loved. We then drove down to California with Harlie the cat of course! It was sad to leave Steve and to not get to spend Christmas with him but we celebrated before I left. On our way back to California, Steve called me and said he booked a ticket to California so he could drive back with me. AWWW What an amazing guy :) His flight was to come in at 10 pm on New years day and we had to leave the next day to get back in time for his work. Christmas was amazing. I have the best parents in the world!! I loved getting to see all my extended family on mom's side and of course the annual Christmas Eve party at the Cain's, my second family. Christmas was great even though I missed my hunny.
An even more exciting thing that happened while I was home was MY DAD TURNED 60!! hehe I sure do love my Daddy!!!!
Steve's flight was delayed and did not come in to LAX until 12:03 ...literally. I drove him to the house and he got to meet my Dad, then we all went to bed, woke up early, drove Steve around to show him my home town and up to Castaic Lake and sadly said my goodbyes. Steve got to witness for the first time how much I cry when I leave home. We drove it in two different days and the second day we drove through Chico and he showed me where he grew up. He also tricked me into eating cow tongue..brat!! It was fun getting to see where each other grew up and having Steve get to meet my Papa. I'm such a daddy's girl...

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