Bainbridge Island to Seattle.. Love

Welcome back to December! Still in catch up mode here but this trip was to good to pass up. Steve got sent to Bainbridge Island in Washington, just a short boat ride from Seattle. I just happened to be done with finals that week so right after my Early Russian final I drove straight to the train station and hopped on a train to Seattle. I met my hunny that evening in one of my favorite cities where we first went to the flagship Store of REI. Steve got to rock climb this HUGE rock that you can see from the freeway. We had dinner at Benihanna and played games at Gameworks in Seattle and then took the last ferry to the Island. Steve's job put him up in a awesome suite. During the days while Steve went to school to get his tower climbing certification, I explored the island. The AMAZING homes, the Puget Sound and the fun shopping. It is easy for me to say I could live on that Island any day, just give me the millions I need to do it. At night we hung out with the guys he met at school and even got Sushi with them. It is always fun meeting new people.
When Steve graduated his class with his certification we decided to stay the weekend and head back over to the mainland. An old family friend and his beautiful wife (Chris and Martha) invited us to stay at their beautiful home. We met them for Dinner in the city (so fun to say) and then after Chris had to go to work we took Martha back to Gameworks. We loved it there. We won some candy, a back scratcher and a great little bubble machine for Rodeo (Video of this will be posted soon..hilarious!). The next day Martha came with us to visit my favorite part of Seattle, Pike Place. We visited the first Starbucks and got warm drinks, we enjoyed the decorations and the smell of the fresh cut trees being sold out on the sidewalks. We walked through the amazing looking produce even in December, watched the men throw the fish and shopped in the fun little shops where Steve bought Seattle Post newspapers from 1929 describing how "Washington Falls Before the California Bear", now framed on his walls. Hmm..now I want to go back.
I love Seattle. The End.

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