Ok I'm not going to lie, this is a hard birthday for me. I am officially on the downhill slope to the big 3-0 YIKES!! But in all honesty I am so excited to see what 26 holds in store for me. Life is good right now, I mean, really good. I am about to wrap up my third quarter in my dream school (University of Oregon, go Ducks!), I live in a cute little cottage on campus that I love, with a wonderful Roommate whom I love even more, I have made great friends and continue to make more as I meet more and more people and I am in an amazing new relationship with the best guy I have ever met. Have I mentioned life is good? Seems to me that moving to Oregon almost 2 years ago, was pretty much the best decision I ever made :). So here you go daddy, because I'm sure you're the only one who is going to read this.. another attempt at documenting my life so you can keep up!! So happy Birthday to me and Happy birthday to my new blog! Yay for twenty-six!!


  1. Hey Megan!! Clearly I am not good at keeping up my blog haha, I always have high hopes for them but it never happens. Miss you!